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Archived Online Webinars

Learn MaxxTraxx... Watch a Pre-Recorded Webinar Today !

Scott Systems has instituted a series of Online Training Webinars to help our users learn to use MaxxTraxx to its fullest.  During these virtual classes, attendees were coached by our training staff on how to find and use the valuable features spread throughout the program.  By attending one of our Online Training Webinars, our attendees were able to unlock the secrets of MaxxTraxx and use that newfound power to enhance their business and improve their profits.

These Webinars were interactive.  You may hear questions from actual users of MaxxTraxx that don't necessarily pertain to your shop.  In our experience, it is a real advantage to get other people's perspectives on subjects you might not ever think about to ask.

Just click on the Webinar of your choice and the player will open giving you full control during your viewing.  Use the VCR style controls at the bottom of the page to Start, Pause or Stop the Webinar at anytime.  Please be sure to have your speakers or headset on to listen to the audio.

If you are using an older system and are unable to view the videos, please download the Windows CODEC here: Windows Video CODEC

If you are a Windows 7 or newer user and can't view the videos, open Windows Media Player and go to Tools > Options and make sure the Automatic Updates checkbox is set to Once a Day or Once a Week under the Player tab

Audio Content, please use speakers or headphones when viewing Webinars
*** Audio Speakers or Computer Headset Required ***


Self-Paced Training Curriculum
        NEW Lesson #3 MaxxTraxx Workflow Overview - Mar 2014
        Lesson #4 Writing Repair Orders - Nov 2011
        Lesson #5 More Writing ROs - Dec 2011
        Lesson #6 Manage Parts - Dec 2011
        Lesson #7 Daily Sales Report - Dec 2011
        Lesson #8 Checking & Pay Bills - Dec 2011
        Lesson #9 Payroll & Beginning G/L Balances  - Dec 2011
        Lesson #10 Kits, Time Clock/Job Clock & More  - Dec 2011
        Lesson #4 Writing Repair Orders (includes sublets) - Jan 2012
System Setup
        Checklists Review - June 2010
        MotorTraxx to MaxxTraxx - Part 1 - August 2010
        MotorTraxx to MaxxTraxx - Part 2 - August 2010
        MotorTraxx to MaxxTraxx - Part 3 - August 2010 
        MotorTraxx to MaxxTraxx - Part 4 - August 2010
        Getting ready to GO LIVE - MotorTraxx Users - December 2011
Point of Sale - Service Counter
Kits, Kits, Kits - March 2010
Menu Priced Labors - How to Create a Fixed Price Service - March 2010
Sublet Workflow - May 2010
Sublets Review 2012 - March 2012
Online Parts Ordering & Setup - June 2010
RO Payments, Deposits and Cash Pay Outs - September 2010
Options & Links Features Review - October 2010
Managing Returns & Warranties - October 2010
Parts Department and Inventory Control
Life of a Part - March 2010
Parts Inventory Control - July 2010
Open Forum - Parts, Catalogs & Marketing - July 2010
Cores Tracking & Management - October 2010
Marketing and Customer Follow-up
Marketing Tools - May 2010 (Download/Print Classroom Materials)
Maxxbucks Review - May 2010
Payroll Process and Setup - May 2010 (Download/Print Classroom Materials)
Payroll Webinar - Lesson #9 of SPTC - October 2011
Accounting Review - February 2010 (Download/Print Classroom Materials)
Profitability Tracking & Tools - June 2010
Sales Tax & Financial Reports - June 2010
QuickBooks Integration - June 2010
Reconcile Bank Account - July 2010
Setting Up Your General Ledger - September 2010
RO Payments, Deposits and Cash Pay Outs - September 2010
Job Clock and Productivity Reports - April 2010
Reports, Reports & More Reports - October 2010
Open Forum Webinar - July 2011