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MotorTraxx to MaxxTraxx Conversion FAQ

There are many reasons to upgrade including additional features, integration to online parts ordering, streamlined incoming parts invoice data entry, no Daily Book, End of Month, or End of Year closings required, and an extremely stable software platform to name just a few. There are dozens of new features in MaxxTraxx and we are adding more all the time.

Not every feature was included in MaxxTraxx, but the vast majority was plus so much more. You will probably find the workflow different yet noticeably more integrated, by design. Our goal was to create interoperability among the different functions in MaxxTraxx along with online parts ordering, provide new features, create multiple parts and labor entry methods with a streamlined workflow, and build a system based on the latest Microsoft SQL technology to create a more stable, easy-to-use software program.

We convert your customers, their vehicles and vehicle repair history, your parts inventory and sales history, labor codes, kits, employees, marketing letters, vendors, and outstanding Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable balances. Some of your company information is converted, but some needs to be manually entered after we load the converted data such as the beginning general ledger balances, for example. You will keep a copy of MotorTraxx loaded on a single workstation in case you would like to reference data that is not converted to MaxxTraxx such as parts purchase history or previous sales reports.

As you have had to learn new diagnostic tools to work on the more complex computerized vehicles, the same evolution has happened in automotive management software, especially with the advent of online parts ordering. There is a learning curve to anything new, but we have developed tools and training strategies to make your transition from MotorTraxx to MaxxTraxx as smooth as possible.

We have the Getting Started Workbook and User Manual, online training videos, live and recorded Web seminars, one-on-one over the phone training, regional training classes, and onsite training. Depending on your style of learning and your budget, one or a combination of these methods will ensure that you are competent and comfortable to run your business with MaxxTraxx.

That really depends on “how” you learn new software and the amount of time you are willing to take to practice. Some people learn by doing, others learn by watching and others by following written instructions in a user manual. For this reason we offer several different tools to help you learn the software. If you are using the accounting in MotorTraxx, we recommended that you plan to start really using MaxxTraxx to run your business in 30 days. Plan on spending a few hours a week practicing to ensure you are comfortable and competent with MaxxTraxx.

Many shops learn on a practice version of MaxxTraxx in conjunction with the user manual or over-the-phone training with a support rep remotely connected to their computer. We can install a full running version of MaxxTraxx on your computer and convert your data from MotorTraxx to MaxxTraxx to provide you a program loaded with your own customers, their vehicles, your inventory, labor codes, etc. So while you are still running your business on MotorTraxx, you can practice “re-creating” a few ROs each day in MaxxTraxx that you completed in MotorTraxx. We find this accomplishes three things; first, you get to see what your converted MotorTraxx data looks, second, you get to practice on familiar data, and, finally, you get to practice setting up the new system which you will need to know how to do when you “go live”.

It takes 2-5 hours to install MaxxTraxx and convert your MotorTraxx data to MaxxTraxx. You can keep working on MotorTraxx while the installation and conversion processes is being done, just not on the same server that MaxxTraxx is being installed on.

A support rep will remotely connect to your computer, show you how to operate the software one feature at a time, and then have you practice the feature they just showed you. The support rep is there, “looking over your shoulder” while you are learning the system to explain how the workflow was designed, answer any questions you have, and explain what functions are automatically done in the background for you like disbursements to the general ledger or entries on the job clock.

Once you have learned on your practice version of MaxxTraxx and you are comfortable operating the software, you select a “Go Live” date, on which we take a current copy of your MotorTraxx data, reload your MaxxTraxx with your latest information, and from that point forward you run your business completely on MaxxTraxx. In the process, we “swipe clean” your MaxxTraxx, so remember any set up or changes you made in your practice version are now gone.

Since MaxxTraxx is already loaded on your system, it only takes about an hour or two to re-convert and load your latest MotorTraxx data. However, shops that have a large amount of data to convert and a slow computer have been known to take more time.

This is a very good question and depends on a couple of factors. Hopefully, shop owners will take the time to learn the set up process on their practice version of MaxxTraxx. During that process, you will have found that there are several details to consider like setting up supply and add-on charges, what features you want to be prompted for in the repair order writing process, what if any customizations you would like to have such as product codes and G/L accounts. If you have taken the time to identify how you want the system set up, and notated those decisions in your Getting Started Workbook, the initial set up should not take more than about an hour or two.

No, you can enter that information at a later time. There are several settings that you will want to have set up before you do write that first repair order though, such as supply charge percentages, technician initials, and the sales tax rate to name a few. By following the Getting Started Workbook, you can be sure that the critical settings are completed before you do write that first repair order.

We recommend you have a computer running Microsoft XP or newer, a 2500 MHz processor (CPU), 3 GB memory (RAM), 80 GB hard drive, Super VGA or LCD flat screen monitor with minimum 1024 x 768 resolution, and a broadband (DSL or cable) Internet connection. MaxxTraxx will run on a computer with 2 GB of memory, however, the performance will be noticeably slower.

MaxxTraxx is designed to work with an inkjet or laser jet printer.

No, MaxxTraxx prints invoices and statements on plain paper. Custom invoice forms are an option through our supplier.

MaxxTraxx is a subscription based software, meaning you will not have to purchase the software to use it. Merely subscribe to the technical support and you can use the software for free. MaxxTraxx support is offered either with or without the accounting; and single-user or for multiple users. Support for a single-user MaxxTraxx system without accounting costs $59 per month for Express, $99 for Service, or $139 for Corporate. The support for accounting costs an additional $30 per month. Each additional workstation added costs $14 per user up to eight users; after that, the cost is the same whether you have eight or 50 users. Again, the support for accounting is only an additional $30 per month whether you have one user or 50. The one-time fee to convert your MotorTraxx data to MaxxTraxx is $129. There is also a one-time $299 registration and set up fee for new users, but we waive that fee for all MotorTraxx users.

No, you only have to give a 30 day advance written notice to our Accounting Department to cancel support.

No, we do not sell MaxxTraxx, rather we provide the use of the software to shops for free as long as they are current on a support subscription.

Yes, you will still be able to access and print your data; however, you will not be able to add any new repair orders or customers to the system.

Technical support is available Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time excluding New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Technical support is available for current technical support issues outside of our regular technical support hours for an additional charge.