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MotorTraxx -
Legacy Software Support

When we first brought MotorTraxx to the industry in 1986, we never imagined shops would still be using it nearly 30 years later. It wasn’t supposed to outlive the operating system it was developed in, MS-DOS. Yet we continue to provide support for more than 200 shops that have yet to move up to current technology.

We understand that change can be hard, but the incredible new features they are giving up by not upgrading to MaxxTraxx could be putting more money in their pockets. Obviously the newer operating systems are no longer designed to support the old DOS based systems, and it’s getting harder and harder to find machines that will properly operate MotorTraxx. We’ll continue to do the best we can…but unfortunately, time’s running out on this old favorite. Give us a call if it feels like it’s time to make the change.