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Training Materials

Training Materials

Self-Paced Training

The Self-Paced Training Curriculum (SPTC) is a Ten Lesson program that combines training videos and Webinars hosted by a Scott Systems Trainer. Watch the videos in each lesson then join a Webinar to ask questions about the features in the videos. Call 800-996-9777, ext. 108 for assistance to log into the Webinar.

Lesson #1 is an introduction and Lesson #2 is about Setup. Lessons #3-10 include live webinars to ask the Scott Systems Trainer about features covered in that lesson. We offer an Open Forum Webinar after lesson #7 for you to ask questions about any feature you like. Here is an example of the webinar format

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Lesson #1 - Training Tools & MaxxTraxx Practice Version

Live Software Demos

The Live and Interactive Demo | Q&A Sessions are designed to be attended after viewing some of the initial Getting Started / Service Writing training videos we will email you after you sign up, Please attempt to watch those beforehand in order to get the most out of our time together.

Training Videos

Have a question on how to do something in MaxxTraxx? Check out our training video collection to view how and why to use a particular feature in MaxxTraxx. The best way to take advantage of the training video library is to follow the Self-Paced Training Curriculum to watch videos in a progressive format that builds upon the previous training video.

Training Manuals

Check out the MaxxTraxx User Manual, either by chapters that follow the layout in MaxxTraxx or using the “search” feature. We also offer Getting Started Guides for new users, MotorTraxx users, and MaxxTraxx Pro SE users looking for information on how to implement our software to manage their business.

Archived Webinars

Couldn’t make it to one of our Webinars? Don’t worry, you can access a collection of previously recorded Webinars and view them anytime. We have Webinars that follow the Self-Paced Training Curriculum as well as Webinars that touch on popular features in MaxxTraxx along with a Four-Part Webinar series to inform our MotorTraxx users about the conversion process to MaxxTraxx.

One on One Training Lesson Teacher

One-on-One Training

Need a little more one-on-one attention to get the most out of MaxxTraxx? Scott Systems offers one-on-one telephone training at $85* per hour as well as onsite training at $800* per day plus expenses. Please contact the Scott Systems Training Department at 800-996-9777, for more information or to arrange one-on-one training or send us an email.
*Prices subject to change

Email the Training Department

Training Asset Manager Scott Systems
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