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Their customer service is excellent! The program has been a dream coming from someone who had not used automotive software before. Just what I need in my life – no complications! --Alfreda Baroni, SOS Foreign Auto Service, Berkeley, CA
Every time we call for support, the tech has always been very helpful, would answer our question immediately or they find out the answer, always very supportive. --Natalie Steigerwald, Steigerwald’s Garage, Foley, AL
Really efficient in what it does, everything you need it to do with simplicity. Entering data and looking up information, it works really well. Has a lot of benefits, I love it! --David Marotta, Viking Automotive, Laguna Hills, CA
It’s everything that you would want, the software is very user-friendly, we get all the reports we could need, and the support staff is so helpful, nothing else can compare. --Sandy Faull, Truckland, Inc., Kingsford, MI
MaxxTraxx Pro CE is a great system and the switchover conversion was very easy to deal with. MaxxTraxx will be a walk in the park especially if you already understand and know how to operate any other Windows based program. I love it, it gets me all the reports I need plus way more. Much much more than MotorTraxx. --Niko, Charlie’s Foreign
I used Scott Systems at a shop I use to work at and now I use it at my own shop. Reliable, does all that I want it to, and the support has always been great. --Wade Anderson, Tri Cities Transmission, Spring Lake, MI
Software works really well, support is awesome, they can fix anything! Easy to learn and anyone in the business can understand it, mechanics to office people. --Sheila Workman, Tech Masters, Grand Rapids, MI
We had Centrum before MotorTraxx, and I’ve told all my colleagues about it, can’t get over how easy it is to find anything you need in the system. --Jim Hinkle, Peoples Auto, Somers, CT
Software works really well, support is awesome, they can fix anything! Easy to learn and anyone in the business can understand it, mechanics to office people. --Sheila Workman, Tech Masters, Grand Rapids, MI

President's Notes:

Hello, we are Scott Systems. We started this company in 1987 because we felt there was a need for the Independent Auto Repair Shop industry to have an informational and business management tool as powerful as the Automotive Dealerships were using, but at an affordable price. Coming from a combination of experience as an automotive technician during our college years and a computer technician during our early career with a Fortune 500 company, Scott Systems started with a vision of "what could be" for our industry, and not much else.

We are not one of those companies that took a huge investment from venture capitalists or were spawned by a large corporation. Quite the opposite. We did it the hard way. We've built Scott Systems into a what it is today from the ground up with nothing by our vision, our valued customers input, hard work and countless hours. The number of days that our staff worked into the wee hours of the morning is a testament to their dedication to creating the best product, the best service and the best company possible.

To this day, that vision persists as we strive to improve ourselves, our company and our software.

Speaking of software, sometimes we hear prospects say they want us to have every feature we have in MaxxTraxx, plus every other great feature that every other Repair Shop software has as well. We understand the desire to want the best of all worlds and although that may not be possible, we certainly go out of our way to try to accomplish just that.  And it shows in our flagship product, MaxxTraxx just as it did in our legacy DOS product, MotorTraxx.

Every one of our competitors have talented, bright and creative people throughout their organizations working hard each day. We think the difference at Scott Systems is that we place the highest value in listening to our customers and their ideas for improvement and have the flexibility to actually make it happen. Because we are not a large corporation, we can be quick on our feet, so whenever possible and as fast as possible, we are able to incorporate many of the the great new features that are suggested by you, the people who know best what is needed. Sometimes, we are able to make the changes nearly immediately and other times, not so fast depending on the complexity and overall need of the average shop. However, you will not find a group of professionals more devoted to giving you and your shop the best software, the best service and best opportunity for success, anywhere!

We are proud of our staff and what they offer to our family of users each and every day. Our hope is that if you give us the chance, you will feel the same.

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