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MaxxTech Application for Android devices

Q. How to install the MaxxTech Photo Application for Android Smartphones and Tablets


The MaxxTech App for Android Smartphones and Tablets is designed for technicians to be able to enter vehicle odometer readings and take photographs with their Android device that will attach to the Repair Order they choose.  These photographs can then be printed on the Repair Order for the customer to see.

Below are the detailed instructions to install this application.  It will have to be installed in two places.  First into your MaxxTraxx folder on your fileserver and second into your Android device.

MaxxTech App Installation Instructions

Q. What are the instructions to install the MaxxTech Photo Application for Android Smartphones and Tablets?


MaxxTech App installation instructions

  1. This application only works on Android Smartphones or Android Tablets.  We do not currently have an Apple application.
  2. Look for a folder under the MaxxTraxx folder named "Web".  If it doesn't exist, add a new folder under MaxxTraxx Pro and name it “Web”.
  3. Download...  MaxxTech App  to your computer and unzip it into the "Web" folder you just created.
  4. Be sure these two files are in the newly created Web folder: index.html and maxxtech-beta.apk
  5. Copy MCServer.exe file that unzipped into the "Web" folder into the MaxxTraxx Pro folder.
  6. Create shortcut in Startup Folder to automatically run MCServer.exe when the computer is logged into each day. MCServer must be running on the main computer for this app to work.
  7. Run MCServer.exe this one time to continue the setup procedure.
  8. In Android phone or tablet, go to Settings and then Security and check the box that says something like “Allow Unknown Applications”. In my experience, in Samsung devices, there is no setting for this in the Security section. If this is the case, Android will ask the question on the fly during the next step of installation.
  9. Open your internet browser on your Android device and type in the IP address of the computer that MaxxTraxx is installed on and then put a colon after that and type 8033. (Example:
  10. A MaxxTraxx web page should come up. Click Download on that page. In some devices, it will take you to the installation page and continue the installation of the MaxxTech App. (Samsung devices sometimes will prompt you to “Allow Unknown Apps” or "Allow Unknown Sources" On other devices, after the download, you will go to Settings and then Storage and find the file that was downloaded and click on it to install it.
  11. Once installed, open the app and then click on the 3 little dots in the upper right corner of the screen. Type in the IP address (Example: of the computer that MaxxTraxx is installed on and click “Done”.
  12. That should take you to a login screen. Type in the login name of any employee in the MaxxTraxx Employees section and then click “Sign In” to continue.
  13. You should see all the scheduled appointments on the screen.
  14. Click on any appointment to continue. After clicking on one, you should have the option of “Take Photo” or enter the “Odometer” readings. It should also show you the customer, vehicle and RO information. After taking a photo, it shows you the picture you’ve taken on the screen and gives you the option of deleting it, saving it or taking the photo again. This varies on different versions of Android. In some cases it will just be an “X” or “checkmark” and on others it may say “Delete”, “Save” or “Take Again”. It seems to depend on the Android version.
  15. If you Save the picture, you then have the option to type in a description of the picture and then click “OK” or you can leave it blank.
  16. It should then take you back to the appointment screen to take photos of the next vehicle.
  17. Good Luck

Written By: Mark Giraud

Adding a Workstation

Q. My shop is growing and I need to add another computer to the MaxxTraxx system.


This is very easily completed. Once you have the computer hooked up and on your local network, you simply browse your network from the new machine to the “Scott Systems” folder on your Server. Inside the Scott Systems folder you will see the “MaxxTraxx Pro” folder, and inside the MaxxTraxx Pro folder you will find a file called “mxtrxpro.exe.” When you find this file, Right Click on the file to get a menu, from the menu choose “Send To” and a sub menu will appear. Choose “Desktop (Create Shortcut)” from the sub menu. You can then close all the open windows and you will see the shortcut you just created on your desktop. You then need to contact Scott Systems so that we can adjust your workstation licenses. Once we have made the adjustment, the new workstation should access MaxxTraxx without problems.


Workstation could not do any selecting in workstation printer setups, yet other stations worked fine

Q. Workstation could not do any selecting in workstation printer setups, yet other stations worked fine


Try logging in the customer with another admin user in Windows, the user profile in windows could be corrupt causing the issue.

Written By: Dale Stafford

Customer Portal Login

Q. What is the login URL to access my Customer Portal?


Click on this link to access your ScottSys International Customer Portal.  From there you can view your recent invoices, payments and print out your statements at any time.  In addition, you can update your Credit Card and Bank Information as well as pay your invoices directly.

URL - ScottSys International Customer Portal

If you haven't set a password yet or have forgotten your password, just click on the "Trouble Signing in" link or "Forgot Password" link and you will be guided through creating a new password.

Written By: Mark Giraud

IIF Export to QuickBooks Online

Q. I have exported my MaxxTraxx transactions to a QuickBooks IIF file. I use QuickBooks Online rather than the desktop version. How can I import that file up to my online QuickBooks as the standard method does not work?


There is a third-party application called Guru Importer that will work in this situation.  Their website can be found here:

Written By: Keith Rakowski