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RO Paid Using Incorrect Method of Payment

Q. I paid an RO using Cash, but the customer actually gave me a Visa card. How can I fix this?


Assuming the payment you took has not yet been deposited to the bank, it's pretty easy. Click on the Cash Drawer icon at the top (looks like a money bag.) Click on the View Current Cash Drawer Transactions button at the lower left of the window. If your RO was paid today, you should see it on the list here. If prior to today, you can change the start date back to the date you took the payment. Highlight the RO in question and click on the Void Payment button in the lower left. (If a warning pops up stating "You can not void or delete this item because it is on the deposit listed below" you will have to go back and void that bank deposit before you can void the RO payment.) You should see a pop up confirming that you want to void this payment. It will list the RO number and allow you to continue if it is correct. If you click on Yes, the payment will be voided, and the RO will be placed back on the service counter schedule, with a status of Completed. If you need to change more than just the method of payment, you will need to change the status to something other than Completed.

When you enter the correct method of payment, make sure that if the original payment was on a date other than today, that you change the Date Paid to the correct payment date.