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Saving a Repair Order as a Quote

Q. In MotorTraxx I was able to change a repair order back into a Quote to save for the future. How can I do that in MaxxTraxx?


Technically, you can not, but we have some excellent alternatives that will provide you the same convenience. Since many times you might have added multiple "jobs" to an RO for your customer to consider having done. The customer may be unable to do some or all of those recommendations at this time. And when the customer returns at a later date, he might decide to still only do one or two of the several recommendations. Therefore, it makes sense to save them individually, by job, so that you can add them to future ROs as needed rather than all at once. So in MaxxTraxx we've given you the ability to save each "job" (Reason for Service or Vehicle Problem) as either a Recommendation (which you will be alerted to each time you start a future Appointment or Repair Order) or a SubEstimate (which allows you to discuss with the customer each job as it stands alone, and which also will alert you next time the customer is in.) To place a job into Recommendations or SubEstimates, simply right click on the Reason/Problem and both options will be available on the menu.