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Invoice Held by Another Station

Q. When I try to open an RO on my schedule, I get a message telling me "This repair order is being held by workstation ___, you can view it only." No one has that RO open, how can I get access to is again?


It may be that the RO was open on the named (___) computer when something shut down the whole program (system rebooted, program crashed, power loss, etc) so MaxxTraxx still sees it as open, even though it is not. Easy to fix. Just go to the named computer (which may even be a remote connection from home) and open the RO in question. Even though it says "Being edited by ___" in the upper right of the RO screen, when you Ok and Save the RO, it will release the hold. But you have to be on the computer that originally had the RO open, the named computer.

It has happened that the RO was originally held by a computer the "died" and is no longer in the network mix. In that case there is no way to reopen it from that computer. If that's the case, contact Support and we'll take care of it for you.