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Data Backup

Q. Our I.T. guy wants to know which file MaxxTraxx store data in for back up? He is setting up secondary back up and needed to know the one file that everthing is stored in?


I see you are doing backups using the built in backup utility in MaxxTraxx. That creates a file in the MaxxTraxx Pro folder that will be named MaxxTraxx_Corcoran_Company.bak. That file contains all the “critical” information we use to restore data. Also, he may want to copy the \Scott Systems\MaxxTraxx Pro\Data\MaxxTraxx_Corcoran_Company.mdf and the \Scott Systems\MaxxTraxx Pro\Data\MaxxTraxx_Corcoran_Company.ldf. If you are using a custom logo for your invoices, he should also back up: \Scott Systems\MaxxTraxx Pro\Data\Company\*.bmp.