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Training in MaxxTraxx While Others Are Working

Q. I have a new employee and I want him to train on the program but not affect our current data, how can I do this?


Yes, we have a way for you to do this. We have set up a “sample” company for just this reason. Click on utilities at the top, click on select company/sample database, choose Sample Company, Maxxtraxx will prompt you to close and reopen in a sample database. It is here that you can train new employees without affecting your current data. Once done, simply follow the above procedures and choose Company Data to get back into your current data.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once someone has switched to the Sample Data, any one on other workstations that exits the program then restarts it, will find themselves also in the Sample Data. They will be fine so long as they don't exit the program while the trainee is working in the Sample Data.