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Hours of Operation:

Standard Support hours are Monday through Friday, 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. No after hours support is provided during the trial period. (Excludes recognized New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays)

Support Services:

Scott Systems will provide, (during Standard Support hours), unlimited Internet Chat Support and Phone Support on Scott Systems’ MaxxTraxx Corporate, MaxxTraxx Service, and MaxxTraxx Express software in the following areas during the period of the subscription. Included: Answering specific questions regarding current Scott Systems’ software operation and setup; online Internet Remote Control Support to correct Scott Systems’ program and data errors and to correct user caused data errors on Scott Systems’ programs (i.e., miskeyed information) when no existing program function is available that will correct the problem.

Not Included: Setup or troubleshooting of computer hardware, operating system, network, printer, and Internet connections.

Software Use and Software Updates:

Scott Systems will offer MaxxTraxx software and all updates released during the period of this subscription for use on one server at one facility at no extra charge when downloaded from Scott Systems' Internet Web site. (Scott Systems does not guarantee a minimum number of updates per year.)


The Self-Paced Training Curriculum videos and live Webinars are available at no additional cost. Reservations for dedicated telephone training may be scheduled at an additional cost in one-hour increments at the current Telephone Training Rate. (Contact us or see our Web site at for current training rates)

After Hours Support:

If you have an emergency situation after Scott Systems’ regular business hours, you may call the support line at (800) 996-9777 and leave a message. A Customer Support Representative will be notified and will call you back as soon as possible. Scott Systems will offer support at the current “after hour” rate with a minimum charge per call. (Contact us for current after hours support rates)

Minimum Hardware Specifications:

Server - Microsoft Window s XP Professional Service Pack 3. For networks with more than six workstations, Microsoft Windows 2003 Server. CPU – 1.5 GHz, 2GB RAM, 100GB Hard Drive, Super VGA or LCD Flat Screen Monitor. (Screen 21", minimum 1024 x 768 resolution), a broadband Internet connection. (No wireless networks unless you use Terminal Service or Citrix)

Workstation – Microsoft Window s XP Home Service Pack 3, 1.0 GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, 100GB Hard Drive, Super VGA or LCD Flat Screen Monitor. (Screen minimum 21", 1024 x 768 resolution), a broadband Internet connection.

Term of Subscription:

Subscription period begins upon registration of the software. Subscription ends upon 30 days written notice by either party. Scott Systems reserves the right to terminate this Support Subscription for non-payment of fees, violation of software copyrights or abuse of Support Services as determined by Scott Systems’ management.

Balances remaining for deferred payments for items like One-Time Registration and Conversion fees that may have been split up into several, smaller increments become due and payable immediately in the event of subscription cancellation.

Terms subject to change with a sixty (60) day written, email, or Website notice at

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Registration and Support Subscription

  • Select a MaxxTraxx software program and enter the monthly fee and one-time registration fee on the right. (No registration fee required for existing Scott Systems users)

  • Registration includes over the phone / Internet help in setting up MaxxTraxx software on one file server and all registered workstations, training and computer system configuration where necessary. (Configuration is limited to MaxxTraxx software hardware requirements)

  • Monthly support subscription is for ONE COMPUTER. Monthly billing requires automatic credit card processing or electronic debit. Quarterly or annual billing available. Subscription may be cancelled at any time with 30 days written notice. Cloud hosting available for an additional fee - call for quote.

  • MotorTraxx (Legacy) orders are only eligible for payments of QUARTERLY.

  • Both MotorTraxx (Legacy) and MaxxTraxx Pro SE (Legacy) conversions are not subject to the registration fee.

Contract Type:

  • Month to Month

  • One Year Contract

Install Type:

  • MaxxTraxx DESKTOP
  • (Locally installed on your computer)

  • MaxxTraxx ANYWHERE
  • (Over internet, access anywhere)

Select only one option:

  • MaxxTraxx Corporate $139 monthly + $399 registration (or $40/month for 1st year)

  • MaxxTraxx Service $99 monthly + $299 registration (or $30/month for 1st year)

  • MaxxTraxx Express $59 monthly + $99 registration (or $10/month for 1st year)
  • (MaxxTraxx Express is available for SINGLE USER ONLY)

  • MotorTraxx (Legacy) $99 monthly
  • (For existing MotorTraxx users ONLY)

Workstation Support Subscription

Select the number of workstations and enter the monthly fee on the right. Each additional workstation requires a monthly workstation support subscription. (Additional workstations not available with MaxxTraxx Express)

DataTraxx Online Backup Subscription

Secure automated Online Backups sent to redundant Backup Servers. Backup daily or even multiple times per day. Subscription is only $15 per month (per shop). Service includes restoration of MaxxTraxx data to your servers in case of catastrophe. NOT AVAILABLE FOR MOTORTRAXX

Select only one option:

  • No DataTraxx subscription

  • DataTraxx Subscription ($15 monthly | Per Store)
Data Conversion Fee

Data from another software program may be converted and loaded into a new installation of MaxxTraxx. MotorTraxx data can be converted for a one-time charge of $129. Contact Scott Systems for a quote to convert another software program. (MaxxTraxx Pro SE data can be converted at no charge upon request)

Select only one option:

  • No Conversion Needed

  • MotorTraxx Data Conversion ($129 one-time)

  • MaxxTraxx Pro SE Data Conversion (no charge)

  • Custom Data Conversion (quoted by sales person)
    $ Your shop's fee amount as quoted by our Sales Rep
Integrated Credit Card Processing

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This is a service and support agreement which is offered to MaxxTraxx users. No sale or rental of software, software licenses, computer hardware or any other goods or materials is expressed or intended. You may use the MaxxTraxx software without license and at no cost without subscribing to our support agreement with the limitation that you will only be able to create 50 Repair Orders and Parts Sales Invoices and will not have access to some functions. Full Repair Order creation, Parts Invoice creation and Accounting functionality will be made available for use to Support Subscribers in good standing only. If a Support Subscriber chooses to discontinue Support or fails to pay their support fees, the program will revert to its pre Support Agreement functional status. In addition, there are numerous third party integrations built into the program that must be subscribed to separately from this Support Agreement. All rights of ownership of materials and code are retained by Scott Systems.

Schedule Installation

Prior to scheduling the installation of your “Go Live” version of MaxxTraxx, we need to ensure that you have completed the necessary tasks and are both informed and prepared to use MaxxTraxx. Please check off the following items, complete, and sign the bottom section and click submit OR fax ALL FOUR PAGES of the paper version (pages 12-15 of Getting Started Guide) Order Form to (866) 863-0777.

I have read and understand each task required on the Setup Checklist*

I have received the User Manual and understand how to access and read the procedures*

I understand that I need to setup up certain sections of MaxxTraxx prior to writing invoices*

I understand I will need to manually set up my general ledger and banking information*

I have received (or waived my option for) a practice/trial version of MaxxTraxx*

I have reviewed the Self-Paced Training Curriculum on the Scott Systems website*

I have read, understand, and meet the minimum hardware requirements for MaxxTraxx*

I understand that I need to have a backup system in place to backup my MaxxTraxx data*

I have read and understand an online data backup (DataTraxx) is available from Scott Systems*

Scheduled Installation must start between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday. Please note that the installation and/or conversion may take up to four hours; not all times available as requested.

Your full shop name requesting installation

Date and Time Requesting Installation and/or Conversion

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Terms subject to change with a sixty (60) day written, email, or Website notice at

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