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Self-Paced Training - Lesson 6

Lesson #6 – Manage Parts & Online Parts Ordering

The sixth lesson in the MaxxTraxx Training Curriculum is about managing parts in MaxxTraxx.  To be able to track your parts purchases, whether stocked parts in inventory or one-time purchases, and moreover to track your financials including Accounts Payable and update your Income Statement, users must enter every part purchased into MaxxTraxx.  This data entry accounts for about one-third of the data entered in MaxxTraxx, but is an essential part of managing your business.

An essential feature used in managing incoming parts is the Add a Part wizard to create a part record.  And online parts ordering, now available with the majority of parts suppliers, speeds up your shop workflow, reduces incorrect part orders, and streamlines your data entry with both automated part record creation and parts order form creation.  Once you have experienced the benefits of online parts ordering, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it before!

Part purchases can be entered one of four ways in MaxxTraxx; Enter Incoming Parts Vendor Invoice (Restock Parts icon); Parts Order Forms from an RO with or without online parts lookup; Parts Order Form (Order Parts icon) with or without online parts lockup; and by replacing a part placeholder on a repair order that uses one of the three methods previously mentioned.  Since there are so many scenarios when you order parts, we’ve created different methods of data entry depending on the amount of information you know at the time of the parts order.

One more tool to automate your parts tracking and management is the multiple part price matrices in MaxxTraxx.  You can crate various pricing structures to be applied to a part record to sell that part based on a part price matrix to generate a selling price, which can be edited as needed from the repair order or parts invoice.

Lesson Tasks:

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