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Self-Paced Training - Lesson 5

Lesson #5 – Learn More About Writing ROs

The fifth lesson in the MaxxTraxx Training Curriculum is about paying repair orders, searching previous repair orders that are now closed, how to void a repair order payment and re-open the repair order on the Service Counter to make corrections, and more.  There are numerous features available in the repair order Options and Links sections as well such as Technician worksheet, Checklists that can be created to fit your shop workflow, i.e. 15-point Inspections, pre-purchase inspection, etc., and job clock details.  The links in a repair order provide quick access to multiple screens in the repair order to log revisions, add warranties, make recommendations, enter notes, select marketing activities, and more.

For this lesson, view the Pay Completed Repair Order Video to learn how to pay a repair order with multiple payment methods, use credit available, post on account, along with other details such as the various warnings available to ensure you have generated a complete repair order.  The search previous repair orders video shows you how to find, view, and print a closed repair order and the Void a Repair Order Payment video show you how you can void a payment on a closed repair order, access that repair order again if there was a mistake made or a notation that needed to be added, and then pay and closed that repair order again.

The Repair Order Links Review and Repair Order Options Review training videos will show you additional ways to perform various functions on a repair order and along with additional features and functionality that you may want to use in your daily workflow.

Lesson Tasks:

1)   View the following training videos:

  (Click on the training videos listed below to start the video)

2) Attend a Live Webinar – Lesson #5 More Repair Order Writing Click here for Webinar Schedule

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