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Self-Paced Training - Lesson 4

Lesson #4 – Write a Repair Order

The fourth lesson in the MaxxTraxx Training Curriculum is about writing repair orders.  After your initial orientation on the layout of the main screen in MaxxTraxx, next you will learn the steps in the Write a Repair Order including how to add a customer, a vehicle, and then select a reason for service.  We’ll do a review the entire process, including adding labor service, parts, and sublet labor. 

For this lesson, watch the Service Writing Part 1, 2, and 3, to get an overall look at the workflow including restocking parts which is how you can keep track of your part purchases.  Then, review the shorter training videos to go into a more depth on creating the essential parts of a repair order - labor, parts, and sublet labor.  If you are interested in tracking which technician worked on each job for warranty, productivity, or payroll purposes, please view the Add an Employee video to learn how to create the employee record and add that employee to the list of technicians to assign to a labor service.  And last, the change status review will show you how you can manage your Service Counter by keeping track of where each job is at in your shop.

There are various short videos on our Web site under the Repair Ordering Writing section of the training videos list that you may be interested in.  These videos go into more specifics for each feature.  We’ll be covering more features in the repair ordering writing workflow in Lesson #5.

Lesson Tasks:

1) View the following training videos:

    (Click on the training videos listed below to start the video)

2) Attend a Live Webinar – Lesson #4 Write a Repair Order Click here for Webinar Schedule

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