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Sick Time / Vacation Time Tracking

Q. If I want to "Front Load" my employees' Sick Time so that I don't have to offer Carry Over, how do I set that up properly?


Set it to "fixed" hours per year. That lets Maxx calculate the amount used and remaining, but gives a fixed amount of hours available at the beginning of the year. It was created for the option to give a fixed amount of hours and not have to track carry over.

If you change the employee to "fixed hours" it will disable the carry over field on the benefits tab because it does not use them even if they have a value in them.

It will set the carry over and maximum hours per year to zero when you save the employee form. It does not zero them out until you save the form in case you click on the radio button by mistake which would blow those away before you could correct yourself.

Written By: Rex Panton