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Bank Account Adjustments Missing

Q. When in MaxxTraxx, the default bank adjustments, Bank Charge, Credit Card Charges, Returned Check and Interest Earned, are all missing. The main problem tends to show up first time they have an NSF check. You can't manually that one, so that request the customer's name when you choose it. And chances are, they've already put in other adjustments, so the required IDs are already used.


To fix it requires a little surgery.  First determine if they have added any "necessary (to them)" adjustments to the table.  If so, note them and the accounts and amounts, because you'll need to re-add them to the table once you're done with the defaults.
You'll do this thru SQL Express. Start by opening the Account Adjustments, and delete all records.
Run this script to clear the IDs:  
Dbcc checkident (AccountAdjustments, reseed, 0)
Now you can re-add the default adjustments back into the table.  They must be done in order, so that the IDs are correct. Set them up exactly as follows:
ID    GlaID    AdjustmentType    Description                Amount    IsSystem    IsActive   All Other Fields
1    118        1                             BankCharge                0.00            True            True        0
2    115        1                             Credit Card Charge      0.00            True            True        0
3     0           1                            Returned Check           0.00            True            True        0
4    89          2                            Interest Earned            0.00            True            True        0
Once this is done, you can go back into MaxxTraxx and add the other adjustments that were there previously.

Written By: Rex Panton