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Adding a Custom Company Logo

Q. How do I add a custom company logo on my print outs?


To replace the system generated invoice header and fill the entire top part of your invoice, make sure your image files are:
1.  Named ROFULL (for Service Counter invoices) and PIFULL (for Parts Counter invoices) and ARFULL (for Customer Statements)
2.  Either a .jpg or .bmp file type extension
3.  That the image sizes are as follows (in 600 dpi):







ratio of  5.47   (example: 1000 x 182)

ratio of  3.07     (example: 500 x 162)

ratio of  5.47   (example: 1000 x 182)

ratio of  3.07      (example:500 x 162)

ratio of  5.13   (example: 1000 x 195)

ratio of  3.07     (example: 500 x 162)


4.  Place those files in the following location:
C:/Scott Systems/MaxxTraxx Pro/Data/Company folder

Place the picture files in the “Company” folder.  Make sure they are named correctly and that there are no other similar files in there.  Or tell it to “overwrite files” when you go to place them in there. This will overrite the current shop information, so make sure that is on your logo if you want the address and phones numbers to show still.

Written By: Nick Peddie