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Export RO and A/P Transactions to Sage Accounting

Q. Can you export your transactions from MaxxTraxx into a QuickBooks data file format (.IIF file extension) and import them not only into QuickBooks but also into the Sage Accounting program?


  1. Yes you can. Here’s how:
    1. In MaxxTraxx, click on the Accounting menu item at the very top.
    2. Then click on Export to QuickBooks
    3. The Export Transactions dialog box will open up.
    4. In this window you will choose your export dates and other parameters to generate your list of transactions.
    5. Select your transactions individually or click the Select All button to get them all.
    6. Click the Export Selected Items button at the bottom left hand side when you are ready.
    7. This should export a dated file that has a .IIF file extension at the end to the following location:  c:\Scott Systems\MaxxTraxx Pro\Export
    8. In your accounting system, you will use the appropriate method to import those transactions.  This is the Sage Accounting or Sage 50 method:
      1. i.Reminder:  Always create a backup of your data before beginning any data import!
      2. Select File, Import/Export, then Import Records.
      3. Select OK
      4. Select QuickBooks
      5. Select Next
      6. Choose the item/s you want to import, corresponding to what was saved from.
      7. Browse to the location of your exported .IIF files from QuickBooks.  Select that file.
      8. Choose all that apply in the same window.
      9. Select Next the start the import process.
      10. Select OK
      11. Select Finish to complete the process.
    9. You did it!  Check your transactions and make sure all are correct before continuing to use that data.

Written By: Keith Rakowski