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Email Problems

Q. I have a windows 7/8 machine and when I try to email an r/o it tell me I have to install an email program and create an association to it, I already use gmail (or yahoo) (or your online email) what do I do?


First you want to click on start and then on Windows Mail, (Note - you may have to go to Microsoft and download Windows Live if it isnt already installed or available for you.) set up Windows Mail with your Gmail ID and password.
This will connect to your gmail account and bring across all your folders and existing email from your gmail account.
Then click on start and default programs, highlight windows mail and then click on “set this program as default”.
Exit Maxxtraxx and go back in and you should be able to email fine.

*more to this than meets the eye. There are specific setup instructions for each email type (hotmail, yahoo, gmail) for each email program (windows live mail, firefox, etc). Suggest googling if you get stuck setting that up for them.