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Hazardous Waste Fees

Q. How do you add hazardous waste to a part or a kit?


Usually Hazardous Waste charges are collected per item, IE; Quarts of oil, Oil Filters, etc. To add a Hazardous Waste charge to a part, you first need to make sure it is set up correctly. Click on Setups, then Repair Orders and Parts Invoices. Choose Add-On Charges. If it's not already listed, click in the box next to Active, add the Description you want to show (Haz .Materials, etc.) and the appropriate Product Code. Save that page by clicking on Ok.

Now do a Part Search and open a part to which you want to add a hazardous waste charge. Click on the User Charges tab on the left. Next to the Haz. Materials field, enter the amount you wish to charge on each unit you sell. For example, if it is Oil, you might want to charge $0.25 per quart, so that on an RO with 5 qts, you would collect $1.25. On an Oil Filter, you might enter $0.60. (Be aware that some states have ruled that you cannot charge more per unit than it actually costs you to have hauled away.) Click Ok to save your change. You will want to perform this on each part that requires such a fee.


Remember also that these fees can be edited at the time you add them to the RO, without changing the default amount you enter here.