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Manufacturing Parts

Q. I’m a transmission shop and build complete transmissions with parts I have in stock. When I use parts I have and end up with a completed product, how do I move the individual parts out of my inventory and then put the finished part into inventory?


The best way to accomplish this is to use the vendor invoice. You will place all the individual items on the invoice as credit items by using the “Receive Credit for Returned Part” from the “Add Line Item” menu. You will then add the completed product to the invoice to be restocked. Make sure that the cost of the finished product matches the combined credit amount for each of the individual items used so that the net invoice cost is $0 and you’re not adding any actual charges or credits to your vendor. When you post this invoice, your inventory will be adjusted removing the individual items from stock and restocking the completed product. Optionally, you could create a Special or Dummy vendor called “My Transmissions” or appropriately named for whatever type of part. When you create these types of invoices always assign to this Special vendor. This will allow to you to easily find and track all of you product builds by the special vendor name.