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Emergency Registration

Q. How do I set up a user's MaxxTraxx to bypass registration in emergency scenarios only?


Backdoor Registration for emergency only.

Have the customer click on Help\About MaxxTraxx
Hold down Ctrl+Shift +R to reveal their Access Code Key, a 5 digit number.
Open the customer's record in WinSupport, and open the Registration tab.
Click on the Manual Registration button.
Enter the Key from the customer's screen into the Key From MaxxTraxx field in WinSupport
Have the customer enter that password into the Password field on his screen and press OK.
If the numbers all match, they will see a Registration screen with information and 3 choices:
Try Internet Registration
Use Last Known Registration
Use Registration Code

Assuming the internet is still down, and using the last known registration fails, have them enter the Registration Code  from WinSupport into their Registration Code field and click on Close.
They should now see a Notice:  Registration completed.  Click on OK and "Use Manual Registration" and go to work.

Written By: Rex Panton