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Writing Checks to Vendors through Write A Check

Q. I have somehow put several vendors in the "Others list" and the "Vendors list". I have also written checks to these vendors using the name that is in the Others list, which is causing the checks to not show up in the pay bills section for that vendor. I was using the 20000 acct. when writing the checks. Is there a way to combine these names or what would be the best way to correct this?


Void those checks written to the Other vendor, and rewrite them to the Vendor vendor. However, the possibility exists that you have already cleared some of them in the reconciliation and won’t be able to void them. If that is the case you’ll need to call Support and we will have to help you get back into “balance” for those.
Immediately, you should go in and remove those vendors from the Other Payee list by clicking on Banking, and choosing Edit Other Payees. Just find the errant vendor, highlight and click on Delete.