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Is there a way to merge two vendor accounts into one?

Q. Is there a way to merge two vendor accounts into one?


No, there is not a way to merge vendor accounts. One of the vendor records needs to be made inactive and the balances combined. If you have invoices that were created through restock parts, deleting the invoices/credits and redoing on the correct vendor account is not an option. However, after making this old account inactive, you will always have that history available thought viewing "closed" restock parts invoices. But...if the invoices on the old account were created on the vendor record, just delete and re-enter on the correct record. This is probably not the case, though.

If you DID use the restocks method, one option is to write a credit on the "soon to be inactive" vendor record to the 19900 system balancing account and then write an invoice for that same amount on the "correct" vendor record posted to the 19900 account. This way, you can now pay the vendor using the Pay Bills function. Remember to make the "old" vendor account inactive knowing you can reactivate it later if needed for reference.