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Email Setup Instructions

Q. How do I setup MaxxTraxx Email?


MaxxTraxx Email Setup Instructions:

  1. With MaxxTraxx open, click the "Setups" menu item on the top of the program. A Dropdown list will appear.
  2. Navigate to and click the "Email Setup" menu item on the dropdown list. The Email Setup form will appear.
  3. Choose "Send Single Emails" on the top of the Setup form
  4. Type your Email address into the "Email Address" field
  5. Type your Email Password into the "Password" Field
  6. Click the "Test Settings" button. MaxxTraxx will then search the internet for your Email Provider and enter all the Email settings in automatically.
    1. If successful in finding your settings a Success message will appear in green
      1. At this time, you should send a Test Email to yourself by pressing the "Test Email" button
    2. If MaxxTraxx can't find your email settings automatically, they will have to be entered manually
      1. If you know how to do this, choose Manual Settings and enter the proper information
      2. If you do not know how to do this, please call Scott Systems at 800-996-9777 and a Technician will be happy to help you
    3. From this point on MaxxTraxx will send your emails through the MaxxTraxx Email Client, but any replies from customers will show up in your standard email client. That could be Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Outlook or any other Internet or local computer based email client

Written By: Mark Giraud