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Problem Viewing Videos

Q. We are having problems viewing your training videos. Any suggestions?


If you have a system that can’t play the training videos on our website, the following steps may help you resolve the issue.

On Vista and Win7 machines, make sure you’re logged in as an Administrator and that User Account Controls are OFF
Ensure that your browser settings are set to default or near default levels, Set at the highest settings can affect what content is available on some websites.
Make sure the latest version of Adobe Flash Player is installed.
If at this point the videos still will not play then there could be an issue with the video driver currently installed on your machine.
Checking for and updating the video card driver has worked in some cases. If there is no updated driver or the update doesn’t fix the issue, then we’ll need work on it some more to identify other issues.
If none of the suggestions work, please contact Support.