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Adding a Workstation

Q. My shop is growing and I need to add another computer to the MaxxTraxx system.


This is very easily completed. Once you have the computer hooked up and on your local network, you simply browse your network from the new machine to the “Scott Systems” folder on your Server. Inside the Scott Systems folder you will see the “MaxxTraxx Pro” folder, and inside the MaxxTraxx Pro folder you will find a file called “mxtrxpro.exe.” When you find this file, Right Click on the file to get a menu, from the menu choose “Send To” and a sub menu will appear. Choose “Desktop (Create Shortcut)” from the sub menu. You can then close all the open windows and you will see the shortcut you just created on your desktop. You then need to contact Scott Systems so that we can adjust your workstation licenses. Once we have made the adjustment, the new workstation should access MaxxTraxx without problems.