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Q. The Server is OK, but the workstations are getting a message: File Setup.dbo cannot be opened, access denied.

A. If only one of several workstations is getting the error, it’s likely a permissions issue. Often, it’s the Windows Firewall. You could try turning off the firewall (go to the Control Panel) and trying again. If this solves your problem but you don’t wish to leave the firewall down, you will need to add an exception to your firewall rules to allow port 1433 and Sqlserver.exe.

Q. When we try to open an existing RO, message says: Held By Another Workstation.

A. The message should also include the name of the workstation that has that RO open. Go to that workstation, open MaxxTraxx, and open that RO, then save it properly. That should release the hold on it. If it is being held by a workstation that is no longer part of your network, you will need to contact Support to have them free up the RO.

Q. Our Sales Tax rate changed. How do we change it so all open ROs now reflect the new tax rate?

A. First you will need to correct the default rate that the program will use for all new ROs and Invoices. Then you will need to open and adjust all ROs and Invoices not yet paid. The easiest way to do that is to open any RO on the schedule and click on the Miscellaneous tab. In the upper left area of the Miscellaneous window, click on the Select button to the right of Tax Code to view all your current tax rates. Highlight the tax rate you need to change, and click on Edit. Change the Rate(s) to the new rate, and click Ok to save them. Now click on Select to force the recalculation of this RO to reflect your new rates. Close this RO, and for the remaining open ROs, simply open each, go to the Miscellaneous tab, and Select the Tax Code. You won’t have to edit the rates again, as they will be correct for all future ROs.