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Integrated Credit Card Processing

Scott Systems has teamed up with one of the world’s largest credit card processors to provide you with a truly useful and time saving enhancement. Your new integrated credit card processing module offers improved efficiency and accuracy in accepting Repair Order payments, Parts Order payments, A/R payments and deposits on account. One long time Scott Systems customer said of using the feature, "I don't know how we got along without this for so long!"



  • Card swipe enters payment directly into MaxxTraxx. Faster authorization than dial up
  • No more batch closings. Batch summary report emailed to you.
  • Payments wired to your bank within 24 hours


  • No more mismatched payments where your card is swiped for one amount and a different amount entered in MaxxTraxx.
  • No more undercharges to chase down or overcharges to have to apologize for and refund.
  • End of day closing totals in MaxxTraxx always exactly match your credit card totals.


  • No more receipt paper to buy for your card machine, your RO invoice is now also your credit card receipt to sign.
  • No more need for that extra phone line for the credit card machine modem.
  • Time saved running and reconciling your card statements.
  • Some of you may be locked into long term contracts with early cancellation penalties. We don’t have any early cancellation penalties and in fact we may even be able help to pay your penalty.


No cost to upgrade:

  • We will provide you with as many lifetime warrantied card readers as you need, help you install them and train you in their use all at no charge.
  • In case the internet goes down, you won’t be without processing power as we will re-program your current old style dial-up readers.
  • We’ll even send you the old style Knuckle-Buster swiper as a third line of security in case there is a power outage.
  • You won't pay a penny more in rates for the added convenience of integrated processing.
  • We will match your current rates. That's an absolute guarantee!



  • Upgrading to the new MaxxTraxx Pro CE integrated credit card processing is truly one of those rare Win-Win opportunities!
  • Not sure? Try it for 3 months at no risk to prove it to yourself!