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Their customer service is excellent! The program has been a dream coming from someone who had not used automotive software before. Just what I need in my life – no complications! --Alfreda Baroni, SOS Foreign Auto Service, Berkeley, CA
I used Scott Systems at a shop I use to work at and now I use it at my own shop. Reliable, does all that I want it to, and the support has always been great. --Wade Anderson, Tri Cities Transmission, Spring Lake, MI
Every time we call for support, the tech has always been very helpful, would answer our question immediately or they find out the answer, always very supportive. --Natalie Steigerwald, Steigerwald’s Garage, Foley, AL
Really efficient in what it does, everything you need it to do with simplicity. Entering data and looking up information, it works really well. Has a lot of benefits, I love it! --David Marotta, Viking Automotive, Laguna Hills, CA
We had Centrum before MotorTraxx, and I’ve told all my colleagues about it, can’t get over how easy it is to find anything you need in the system. --Jim Hinkle, Peoples Auto, Somers, CT
It’s everything that you would want, the software is very user-friendly, we get all the reports we could need, and the support staff is so helpful, nothing else can compare. --Sandy Faull, Truckland, Inc., Kingsford, MI
Software works really well, support is awesome, they can fix anything! Easy to learn and anyone in the business can understand it, mechanics to office people. --Sheila Workman, Tech Masters, Grand Rapids, MI
MaxxTraxx Pro CE is a great system and the switchover conversion was very easy to deal with. MaxxTraxx will be a walk in the park especially if you already understand and know how to operate any other Windows based program. I love it, it gets me all the reports I need plus way more. Much much more than MotorTraxx. --Niko, Charlie’s Foreign
Software works really well, support is awesome, they can fix anything! Easy to learn and anyone in the business can understand it, mechanics to office people. --Sheila Workman, Tech Masters, Grand Rapids, MI
Scott Systems

Computer Technology Designed to help your Auto Shop's Bottom Line

Our Vision

To be a recognized leader in the business of enhancing our customer's ability to manage their business.

Our Mission

We supply computer software, supplies, server hosting and support services for the auto repair industry. Our systems and services are based primarily on internally developed software and in-depth industry knowledge. We are dedicated to prompt and responsible service, and we seek to provide the best value products and services available.

Our Values

We believe in:

* Quality service to our customers as a focus of all that we do.

* Establishing long-term relationships with all of our customers and employees.

* Honesty and Integrity in every commitment and action.

* Providing a corporate culture which challenges us to be our best.

* Teamwork as the foundation for fostering excellence.

* Expanding our knowledge of our customer's needs, their industry trends, and technological developments.

* Enjoyment and Recognition as key elements in our working environment.

Company Goal

Scott Systems is a group of professionals with extensive background in the automotive aftermarket, service repair, and computer industries. We see the automotive repair marketplace changing. Tougher competition and shrinking profit margins have become a way of life. Being profitable in this economic environment is becoming more difficult.

As a leading publisher of software for the automotive repair industry, Scott Systems is in the business of enhancing our customer's ability to better manage their business.

Our goal is to provide the automotive repair shop operator, with low cost high-performance PC software. When properly installed, our system becomes a tool that our clients use to better manage and control their inventory, employees, and cash flow, while allowing them to better service the needs of their customers.

In becoming a leading publisher of software for the auto repair shop industry, we recognize and accept the responsibility for furnishing more than just computer software. We are committed to teaching our clients about computer technology, and train them on how to make it work for them as a tool. Our commitment is to provide these capabilities complete with a support service that is friendly, responsive, and competent. We want to establish a partnership with our clients. Our commitment is evidenced by the way we have worked with our clients in designing and evolving the software, and the total support programs that we offer.

Working closely with our customers in the attainment of these goals has made us the company that we are today and will be in the future.

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