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What Our Users Are Saying About Us

Every time we call for support, the tech has always been very helpful, would answer our question immediately or they find out the answer, always very supportive.

Natalie Steigerwald, Steigerwald’s Garage, Foley, AL

It’s everything that you would want, the software is very user-friendly, we get all the reports we could need, and the support staff is so helpful, nothing else can compare.

Sandy Faull, Truckland, Inc., Kingsford, MI

Tech support is second to none, they bent over backwards to support us.And the accounting side of it is so solid, even my accountant says it’s dynamite.

Gary Gilbert, Automotive Service Solutions, Waterloo, IA

I used Scott Systems at a shop I use to work at and now I use it at my own shop.Reliable, does all that I want it to, and the support has always been great.

Wade Anderson, Tri Cities Transmission, Spring Lake, MI

Software works really well, support is awesome, they can fix anything!Easy to learn and anyone in the business can understand it, mechanics to office people.

Sheila Workman, Tech Masters, Grand Rapids, MI

We had Centrum before MotorTraxx, and I’ve told all my colleagues about it, can’t get over how easy it is to find anything you need in the system.

Jim Hinkle, Peoples Auto, Somers, CT

Their customer service is excellent!The program has been a dream coming from someone who had not used automotive software before.Just what I need in my life – no complications!

Alfreda Baroni, SOS Foreign Auto Service, Berkeley, CA

Really efficient in what it does, everything you need it to do with simplicity.Entering data and looking up information, it works really well.Has a lot of benefits, I love it!

David Marotta, Viking Automotive, Laguna Hills, CA

MaxxTraxx Pro CE is a great system and the switchover conversion was very easy to deal with. MaxxTraxx will be a walk in the park especially if you already understand and know how to operate any other Windows based program. I love it, it gets me all the reports I need plus way more. Much much more than MotorTraxx.

Niko, Charlie’s Foreign

My businesses were among the early suscribers to MotorTraxx and operated multiple businesses with multiple MotorTraxx systems...... after years of reliable service we heavily resisted the change to MaxxTraxx. We've since also converted our non-automotive businesses to MaxxTraxx because of the excellent accounting package. The real benefits come when we add new employees (significantly reduced training time) plus great flexability of the system and its continued upgrades with new features. I'm still a "mom and pop" operator at heart and as such am resistant to change: too busy, dont have time for change, etc . ..... But even for a very small automotive business I would recommend the changeover to MaxxTraxx. One thing has been consistent over our many years as a MotorTraxx/MaxxTraxx suscriber and that's the committment of Scott employees to their customers' needs and to the end quality of both their product and services.

Gary W. Watts, President Z Sport Group

Now is the time to CHANGE!!! The MaxxTraxx Pro CE is GREAT!!! We were MotorTraxx users and held on for a long time. Our reason for putting it off was updating our hardware but mostly learning a new program. We took the plunge May '08 and have never looked back. The updated hardware was much needed (you can get some great deals on new hardware so thats not an excuse) and Year end was a breeze, easier than it has ever been.

I love the new MaxxTraxx Pro CE. I use the full package, it was easy to learn, very similar to MotorTraxx but much easier and able to do more!!!

The tech support during and after the conversion was Great!! If you have a question you can contact help on line, updates are a breeze!! I just can't say enough, so DON'T WAIT, just DO IT, Do it now and year end will be easy.

Jackie Pitts, Boyd's Garage

In 1995 I started with a software program called M.A.V.I.S. (MotorTraxx) I spent approximately 5 months reviewing and investigating multiple software programs. I had left a dealership as Service Manager and opened my own shop and I was looking for a comparable software program for my own business. I made the decision on MotorTraxx because it was the most complete and integrated system that I could find. I spent many many hours learning computer hardware challenges and function thru a DOS based program, had many many instances of hardware/software incompatibilities but was able to use the program and get it to function to meet my needs. Workarounds for all you nontech types. Through this whole period, 3 people from the Scott Systems stayed with me, listened to my rants and raves, and basically busted their keesters to keep the system in a usable format.

After we hit windows 98 and on into XP , the program worked very very well, and I almost completely lost touch with my friends at Scott Systems. The program worked, did what i needed it to do, was integrated, and was constantly being upgraded. I also got word that MaxxTraxx was out, but it was not fully integrated as far as book keeping and all the other functions necessary to run a business.

I talked to Rex about the latest version of MaxxTraxx and it was fully integrated, so, remembering all the hassles, learning curve, red screens from the DOS days, I said sure, i'm a glutton for punishment.

What an awesome surprise. The 2 biggest points I noticed immediately, was it was so blooming user friendly to use the program. I immediately began playing with and implementing customer tracking, up sells, reminders. Almost every operation, such as inventory stocking, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, payroll, taxes, customer histories, and Management reports were all available with very few keystrokes, were easy to understand and use, and I found out that even a klutz like me, could make a mistake and even fix it. The system not only worked but absolutely better that I had ever hoped it would.

So, lets get into some meat and potatoes of what this program can do. On my day to day tasks, it allowed to start with the customer, either on the fly insertion if new, or easily bring up for a new appointment. Insertion of Concerns or requests were also easy, either a quick direct type of a customer concern, or use a canned concern either carried over from Motortraxx or use one of those in base programming with the new software.

Next jobs were assigned to technicians and scheduled for available time. labor operations were available as canned or from (in my case) Mitchell On Demand Labor guide. When jobs were completed, parts and labors were easily entered tickets were closed, notes were made, for example, work due on vehicle, upcoming maintenances due, customer notes, anything that was necessary to provide to the customer a level of professionalism as to their vehicle needs and ALSO a documentation of everything for warranty, follow up, or marketing needs.

Customer pick up was facilitated by totally integrated receivable functions, if by cash, check or CC. the card swipe went into the program was confirmed, tracked approved and entered on to ticket automatically. No separate receipts, it was all included on ticket.

My management functions were actually a lot easier to do now, payroll was figured in a few keystrokes and checks printed and all figures were automatically entered into General Ledger. End of day i can track progress on open tickets, paid tickets, technician and shop productivity and sales figures and profit margins.

Time for taxes. GAH. It was simple to do though, using a few keystrokes, the payroll taxes were figured, the check printed and the GL accounts updated. Talk about an accurate time saver.

Sales taxes were printed out, automatically figured so it was a few keystrokes, and they were also printed to check and disbursed to GL accounts.

Accounts payable were also extremely easy. Whether it was a bill for services or parts or combination, they were easily trackable by due date , amount, and a few keystrokes paid, check printed and GL disbursed seamlessly.

After the Acquisition of this software, I noticed almost immediately that I no longer or rarely needed a pen to conduct any of the business or management functions inherent in a business. (just to sign checks) Everything else was documented, tracked, generated into reports, and disbursed into GL and with a minimum of keystrokes could be brought up ON screen OR printed.

Now, for the updates. It was simple. They were done online, fixed things i didn't even know were problems, added new features, increased functionality of some operations. Some of these things happening were within days of noticing a need or desire for a particular operation. Mark and Rex and Rhonda were absolutely brilliant with the ease they were performing this stuff.

As far as anything I have seen in a dealership OR aftermarket Automotive repair facility, this is NOW the most robust, inclusive, user friendly powerful management software ever . My ONLY complaint? Why didn't you have this 10 years ago?

Yes, I know, wait for the technology to catch up. Well, it did, I am glad to say.

As a business owner, trying to be as efficient, productive and profitable as possible, MaxxTraxx is a very valuable tool, backed by real people in a company that really does go the extra mile to support their product and take care of the customer.

I am very satisfied with our relationship, their skill and dedication, and the fine product that they have produced.

Mike, Japanese Auto Clinic

We had been using MotorTraxx since 1992 and we were very satisfied with the performance of it. We were afraid of the cost, how much data we would lose during the transferring of the system from DOS to Windows etc etc.

The roll over went pretty smooth and overall I truly wish that we had done it a few years ago. The technical support is right there to assist you in any way. I can’t state enough how much easier it is to correct errors. (Not that we make many) but it is 98% faster and easier on the bookkeeping than MotorTraxx.

I can’t stress enough also on how much more efficient it is having the credit card built right into the program. It provides for less errors because the card is entered at the time the repair is being processed. Love it!!!

The product performance is fantastic;the ease of correcting errors is astounding.

One thing that I really appreciate it is the ease of getting around the program. I found I really didn’t need a manual for most of the operations. The menu’s and buttons are very self-explanatory and before you realize it you are on your way to completing the tasks that you need to do without manuals.

I would recommend picking up the phone and JUST DO IT. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Mary, O’Brien’s Auto Repair