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DataTraxx Online Backup

Enterprise Class Backup System for all Scott Systems Users

for only $15 per month!

For anyone who has ever suffered significant (or even minor) data loss from their primary business software, they know the amazing inconvenience and frustration, as well as the time and money loss involved in trying to reconstruct that data, sometimes with little or no success.

As those of you who have been with us a lot of years know, we have always preached and nagged you about having a reliable backup system, preferably one with redundancy. As any one of our support techs can tell you, we spend a significant portion of our time searching for some semblance of an archive that we can use to start the process of recovery. Our mantra has always been, "It's not IF you will suffer a hardware failure, it's WHEN!"

All Scott Systems' automotive software products now include the ability to schedule and perform automatic backups and restore them to any Microsoft Windows computer you choose.

Scott Systems is now offering to all users of:

MaxxTraxx Corporate MaxxTraxx Service MaxxTraxx Express 

Scott Systems offers users of the above programs the ability to automatically backup and send those backups to our secure off-site servers.

Then if catastrophe occurs at your shop, we will be responsible for restoring your data and re-setting up your Scott System's program to full running status. Restoring a SQL database to full operational status is a job not everyone knows how to do. We know your software, we know your business, and we know you.

For only $15 a month (per store) we will backup and restore (if ever needed) your copy of MaxxTraxx, keeping your shop data secure in case of disaster.

The only question that you must ask yourself is "How much is your data worth?"


Call us now at (800) 996-9777 to have a Support Technician set up your secure backup system before lost data spoils your year.