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MaxxTraxx Data Conversion Estimate

Below is a list of the data fields that we think can be adequately converted from your old software system or data files. As stated in our Getting Started Guide on the Shop Data Conversions page, the results of data conversions are never perfect, but can be useful in many new installations.

Many times the old database design is not optimal for extraction. It may be encrypted or possibly the users have misused certain fields in the database by putting other data into a field than it was designed for.

After we load the converted data into your system, you will have 48 hours to examine it for errors, completeness and usability. If there are any problems, please contact us immediately so that we may try and correct any problems with the converted data BEFORE you start using MaxxTraxx in your normal day-to-day operations.

Customer InformationVehicle InformationLabor InformationParts InformationVehicle History
NameYearLabor CodePart NumberInvoice Number
AddressMakeDescriptionDescriptionInvoice Date
CityModelFlat Rate HoursCostLabors on RO
StateEngineBilled HoursSales PriceParts on RO
Zip CodeAAIA CodeLabor RateList PriceTotal Tax
Telephone 1VINNotesQuantityTotal Price
Telephone 2LicenseMin QuantityCustomer
Telephone 3StateMax QuantityVehicle
Rec ServicesNotesNotes

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I approve this estimate and authorize the conversion of my data into MaxxTraxx format for the estimated price.

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